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Because BANK OF AFRICA is a multi-business and multi-brand Banking Group, present in more than thirty countries around the world.

Because our values are based on commitment, openness, excellence, kindness and belonging.

Because our bank, in line with the diversity of its geographical locations, advocates diversity in all its entities and businesses.

Because we are a socially responsible company, committed to the development of our continent.

And above all, because we firmly believe in your potential and are committed to supporting you in your personal and professional development.

Your beginnings at Bank of Africa

Our HR commitment


The BANK OF AFRICA Group is engaged to respect the equal opportunities of its employees throughout their life cycle: recruitment, remuneration and social benefits, promotion and career development, mobility, end of contract, leave, training and any development scheme for employees; regardless of their beliefs, age, physical characteristics or disability, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, membership of a political or trade union organization or a minority, religious conviction or any other characteristic that could be discriminated against.


We pay special attention to your application, as soon as it's submitted. Our candidate experience is integrated into a selection and recruitment process, divided into several stages and based on compliance with ethical rules.


Whether you are an intern or a new recruit, as soon as you're part of the team, you are supervised by your manager and the HR team (welcome, integration tour, sponsorship, training, etc.). At all levels of the organization, your HR Business Partner accompanies you and remains at your disposal to guide you in case you need them.


Throughout your career at BANK OF AFRICA, we support your evolution through a variety of structured career paths, allowing your rise in skills as well as the development of your potential. You will also benefit from dynamic and targeted HR support, meeting your career goals. At our bank, we are committed to equal opportunities, objectivity, merit and neutrality.


In line with our desire to promote excellence, the Group offers opportunities both nationally and internationally. BANK OF AFRICA, through its "Intra-Group Mobility" system, makes a point to identify various mobility opportunities at its national and international subsidiaries. This contributes to the development of new business expertise, and the professional development of employees.


BANK OF AFRICA is a bank that quenches your thirst for knowledge. By offering a training system adapted to your needs and your profession, BANK OF AFRICA ACADEMY offers a wide range of training modules in person and virtually (catalog of online courses, mobile learning, etc.)


Our group also promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through initiatives that aim to support your innovative ideas and projects that service the community.


Your personal development is a major element in your well-being at BANK OF AFRICA. We make every effort to guarantee this balance, thanks to hands-on management and a wide system of social benefits.